Qubit Creative: New Years 2019


As a New Years 2019 gift to clients, the Qubit team assembled a collection of custom-illustrated products—including several printed items along with a screen-printed tea towel and custom-designed deck of playing cards.

Within the design concept, two juxtaposing states of a subject are represented—ranging from people to transportation to entertainment—demonstrating a modern vs. medieval version. This theme capitalizes on the contradictory existence of a qubit (or quantum bit).

One recurring theme is the phrase “Seize the Day, Hit the Hay,” representing both morning (seize the day) and evening (hit the hay) as well as new (a disposable coffee cup) and old (a golden goblet). The design of the deck of cards included antonymous illustrations—a modern sneaker vs. a knight’s boot, a pizza slice cooking in a microwave vs. a pig roasting on a spit, a queen vs. a female executive.