Give It Right Back


Qubit’s video team collaborated with musician Erick Alexander to produce a music video for his song “Give It Right Back” off his EP “Lashes.” After listening to the track, we outlined and story-boarded a video that would have Erick eventually making a choice between enemy and friendship. The forest sequences were filmed at Lake Arcadia in Oklahoma City. In the days leading up to that shoot, the weather forecast called for many inches of snow, but as Oklahoma weather is fond of doing, the outlook changed significantly and instead left us with just a bitterly cold day. Kudos to Erick and our trumpet player for powering through! The snow and interior sequences were filmed at Marland Mansion in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The Marland Mansion is the former family estate of E.W. Marland, an American lawyer, oil businessman, and politician of the early 20th century. The mansion is said to have been inspired by a palace Mr. Marland’s visited on a trip to Florence, Italy. Erick is a talented musician, vocalist, and audio engineer who has provided his audio mastering services for many Qubit video projects. You can learn more about Erick at