Toni Swayze

Meet Toni Swayze

Toni started her career journey in the IT world as a technical support representative for an internet service provider in 1999. She moved, shortly thereafter, over to the web development department and quickly found her technical niche. With a background in HTML, CSS, and PHP, she works behind the scenes in the technical details of websites in both managing content and programming.

Over the years, Toni has worked for a few different companies, including our sister company: Strata Leadership. Her passion is to serve customers & colleagues, whether it be from a technical standpoint or just replying to customer emails and social network comments.

She is an accredited member of the North American Quilling Guild and recently received an award of merit for her submission to FiberWorks 2017, as well as some ribbons from the 2017 Oklahoma State Fair. A member of a large family, she treasures any time with parents, siblings, nephews, nieces and extended family. In her spare time, you can find her watching crime shows, reading, or working on her latest quilling piece.

Early Computer days